It seems today that people are protesting just about anything and everything.  So, why are we so surprised that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has targeted fishermen and the fishing industry?  The truth is, we’re not.  They have gone so far as to name fish, ‘kittens of the sea’ in order to paint them in a cuter and cuddly picture.  The organization has gone so far as to print comic book like cartoons aimed at children in an attempt to sway them away from fishing or consuming fish as food.

Fishing was once a way and means of feeding oneself or one’s family.  It was relative cheap and easy, since it required little more equipment than some string, a hook, and some form of bait.  In other cultures, all they needed was a net or trap of some kind.  Another essential part of fishing also included skill and a good bit of luck.  After all, one could sit all day with a hook in the water, but if there were no fish there, it was all for nothing.

Man, being an adaptable being, has advanced over time.  First by inventing a boat or other floating device to take them into deeper water or to other areas where the fish may congregate.  Secondly, they have also invented bigger and better types of hooks, lures and baits; but, until a few decades ago, there wasn’t any way for a person to look under the water.  Well, unless they actually got wet and dove in, they were not able to see the fish in their natural habitat.  This brings us to our third advantage, and that is the use of fish finders.

Sonar fish finders have now made their way into the lives of anglers, who use the electronic gadgets to locate the fish in their hiding places under water.  These nooks and crannies could be in deeper water, along the bank or under submerged logs or other debris.  This works out great for the fishermen, since it can extend their time on the water, and not in it.  They can be, if the conditions are right, given an edge over the fish by simply using the fish finders to find where they are hiding.

This is the argument some have raised against the use of fish finders.  The poor fish, who’s only advantage is being able to hide, are now vulnerable by taking away their only line of defense.  That is one of the ethical arguments against the use of fish finders.

But, if you’ll pardon the pun, does it really hold water?  While there are many anglers out there who actually catch and consume fish, there are also many out there who catch and release.  Even those who participate in large tournaments—with big cash prizes—turn their winning catches loose after the event is over.

This debate will be ongoing for some time.  So, it is really up to the individual to make the call. But if you are into angling, you need Fish Finders.